Data Entry Services

Connexial Techsys offers a variety of data entry and data capture solutions using the latest technology available.

Connexial Techsys offers high quality, cost-effective services ideally suited for high volume applications. Wan Systems data center offers the highest level of cost savings, efficiency, security, accuracy and turn around time.

High quality and low costs have always been the main attraction of offshore data entry outsourcing. Offshore customers save an average of 30 to 40 percent on projects sent to India and this value proposition will continue to increase.

Connexial Techsys Data Entry Services delivers to our clients, who are large corporations based in USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND.

These solutions include:- Data Entry for a variety of processes

  • Yellow Pages + UDAC coding
  • White Pages
  • Form Processing
  • Questionnaires
  • Healthcare
  • Healthcare Database Data Entry
  • Text and Numeric Data Entry
  • Insurance
  • Dictionaries
  • Directories
  • Handwritten/Printed
  • Surveys
  • Land Records
  • Image Data Entry
  • Data Entry for Mailing List

WE OFFER Data Entry Services

Online Data Entry Services We Offer

Connexial techsys is a pioneer in providing quality online data entry services. Our team comprises of some of the most skilled and experienced data entry experts. We provide high-quality services within quick turnaround time. Some of the key online data entry services we provide include –

  • Online data entry for product catalogs (onto web-based systems)
  • Data entry from hard/soft copy to any database format
  • Online data entry for e-books: data entry from e-books and e-magazine publications on the internet
  • Insurance claim forms online data entry
  • PDF document indexing
  • Online data capture services
  • Images online data entry
  • Online order entry and follow up
  • Web-based indexed document retrieval services, tools, and support
  • Online data entry for mailing lists/labels
  • Online data entry for legal documents
  • Online completion of surveys and survey forms
  • Online entry of customer feedback
  • Business card indexing and business cards online data entry
  • Online data entry for product registration cards
  • Shipping documents online data entry
  • Subscriptions online data entry
  • Coupon redemptions online data entry
  • Online data entry for handwritten documents
  • Receipts/bills online data entry
  • Online copying, pasting, editing, sorting, and indexing for any data
  • Online content conversion services
  • Online data entry of/into foreign languages

Connexial Techsys has been in the data entry industry for over Three years now and our vast experience of having worked with several clients helps us understand different business models and how to customize our services as per the same. Some of the key services we offer include –

  • Negotiation Data Entry

    Our team of data entry specialists is well trained in organizing buyer seller data and providing a proper structure to the entire negotiation phase. We enter the required information with great accuracy which is available for further formatting and is in line with your company’s requirements.

  • Mortgage Lending Data Entry

    There are many data entry requirements when an individual is mortgaging a property or a business is mortgaging a commercial space. We, as a professional real estate appraisal firm, acknowledge such requirements and provide adequate information management.

  • Property Insurance Data Entry

    Our wide range of real estate appraisal data entry services include informational administration of monetary information, insurance forms, and deals related to the insurance of commercial and private properties.

  • Appeals and Property Tax Assessment Data Entry

    Appeals data and property tax assessment is very important to help determine the acceptable property taxation. We provide businesses with a means to easily access such information and maintain the same in an error free manner.

  • Property Business Mergers and Dissolutions Data Entry

    Our skillful data entry specialist provide niche services such as data scanning, formatting and database design pertaining to the transfer of merging of ownership of any property.

  • Property Investment Entry

    We provide complete property investment documentation in both printed and the digital formats. We provide a detailed rendered database which consists of all relevant data with our highly reliable real estate appraisal data entry services.

Connexial Techsys Data Mining services follow standard practices of classification, clustering, regression, pattern recognition, and all other associated rules of data mining. This in turn allows solving of complex business problems by revealing patterns which cannot be usually detected using standard OLAP and query tools. Our services include –

  1. Contact Data Mining

    Social media has changed how the world interacts and Fortune 500 companies are investing in data analytics and data mining techniques to predict consumer behavior, gather information and achieve better sales.

    Our social media data mining services are geared towards providing an unprecedented view of global communication patterns and real-time human behavior. Our analysts filter through billions of posts, interactions, user profiles, and metadata from some of the world’s largest social media channels, professional social networks, blogs, and other micro-blogging platforms to analyze trends and provide with information vital to your company’s business interests.

    Our social media data mining services include –

    • Contact Information Data Mining
    • Real-time and Historic Data mining
    • Social Data Mining
  2. Other Data Mining Services

    O2I understands that every business, just like every single data mining project, has its own requirements and is unique. Our data mining expertise further consists of –

    • Data Mining from Websites
    • Data Mining for Marketing includes –
      • Competitor Analysis
      • Judge Price Elasticity
      • Customer Segmentation
      • Marketing Channel Optimization
    • Data Mining from Social Media
      • Twitter
      • Facebook
      • LinkedIn
    • Data Mining of White Pages
    • Data Mining from Multimedia Database
    • Data Mining for Fraud Detection
    • Data Mining of Data Stream and Sensor
    • Data Extraction
      • Metadata Extraction
    • Online News and Information Research
    • Data Interpretation

We also provide highly efficient Text and Web Mining Services that precisely cater to your needs.

Connexial Techsys provides food labelling data entry for custom labels that include nutritional facts, packaging directions, allergen warnings etc.

Nutrition facts include –

  • Serving size
  • Product Ingredients
  • Brand Logos
  • Number of servings
  • Product Brand
  • Claims Information
  • Food Serving Size
  • Production Manufacturer
  • Weight Information
  • Packaging Directions
  • Production Enterprise
  • Allergen information, etc.
  • Nutrition Facts
  • Product Size
  • Country of Origin & Manufacture
  • Amount of various nutrients in the product
  • Food Flavor
  • Photo/Images
  • Calories
  • Allergen Warnings

Partnering with Connexial Techsys is cost effective and easy. We help you create nutrition labels with vast industry experience that spans two decades and includes the below –

  • Connexial  Food Nutrition Data Entry Expertise

    • 10+ team of qualified food nutrition scale data entry experts
    • ISO quality data entry processes
    • Accurate food label data entry – double data entry option
    • Online data entry, VPN or offline data entry available
    • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) support for secondary validation

Our comprehensive range of image tagging is designed to address the image classification needs of diverse industries. We equip businesses with an automated image retrieval system for locating and organizing images of interest and help online sellers maintain an easily searchable product database.

When you send us your images, we begin the process by employing image annotation tools and bounding box mechanism to describe the properties of an image.

Connexial TechSyS image annotation services include –

  1. Image Tagging and Annotation

    This involves providing specific keywords and pertinent captioning for classifying the images. The client has the option of specifying the terminologies for tagging, making it completely customizable by the client.

  2. Bounding Box and Annotation

    Pictorial content such as product features, objects, and various other specific elements contained in the images are detected and recognized for easy identification and retrieval. We ensure that all the images are accurately tagged, making it easy for you to create and maintain a pictorial database for further analysis or record keeping.

  3. Image Tagging of Aerial Imagery

    Connexial Techsys carries out annotation of aerial imagery, which provides better visibility to new businesses across various industry sectors. Whether it is urban growth analysis of a city or crop count in the agriculture industry, the possibilities are numerous with annotation of aerial images. Our dedicated team will perform efficient annotation of your aerial images and help you analyze it quickly and easily.

  4. Semantic Image Annotation

    Semantic annotation involves tagging different parts of images with multiple relevant vocabularies to make the tagged images easy to retrieve.

  5. Tagging Images Captured by Autonomous Vehicles

    Whether you have images captured by a self-driving car, we provide accurate annotation of such images with a tagging

    Benefits of Connexial TechSys Image Annotation Services to O21 

    Whether it is bounding boxes or tagging aerial imagery, at Connexial Techsys, we ensure that image annotation is executed efficiently with consistent productivity. The advantages of choosing O2I’s image annotation services include –

    • Affordable and Flexible Pricing

      We provide you with a flexible pricing structure that is affordable. Based on your requirements, we will design a competitive pricing structure without any extra costs.

    • Data Security

      If data security is preventing you from outsourcing, then with us you no longer have to worry, because we have stringent data security measures in place to safeguard your electronic data.

    • High-quality Annotation

      Our two-level quality check ensures that all your images are accurately annotated to help you maintain an easily searchable product database.

    • Quick Turnaround Time

      We have the required infrastructure and workforce to provide you with correctly annotated images in short delivery time periods.

    • Customization

      Our annotation experts understand the exact context in which these services are used and can also customize annotation services to cater to client requirements.

  6. algorithm.

Irrespective of an organization’s database systems or file formats, Connexial Techsys can cleanse all types of data and help you improve poor data quality. These include (but are not limited to) the following –

  • Marketing databases – digital, online and offline
  • Mobile databases
  • Retail omni-channel data
  • Point of sale systems
  • Accounting databases
  • Customer, prospects and sales data
  • Customized databases
  • Social media data
  • CRM data. This includes in-house and cloud-based systems like Salesforce, Zoho etc.
  • Procurement and spend data

Data Deduplication

Compiling huge databases of customers and contacts through data verification and cleansing duplicate entries are removed. Outsourcing data cleansing services to O2I minimizes instances of information being repeated.

Related Services

Connexial Techsys offers other services related to data cleansing including –

  • Address Data Enrichment Services
  • Upper/lower Case Names Conversion Services
  • Gender Addition and Correction Services
  • Data Integrity Audit Services
  • Data Scrubbing Services
  • Data Enrichment Services


Legal documents are highly confidential and contain important legal terminologies that can be understood by a legal practitioner or someone familiar with legal proceedings. Therefore, not every data entry firm employing data entry operators can perform data entry for legal documents.

If you are looking for a specialized outsourcing firm that can do legal data entry with absolute confidentiality and accuracy at lower costs, you have reached right data entry partner.

Connexial Techsys is a pioneer is providing legal documents data processing services to customers across the globe. Choose us for legal documents data entry services and get access to accurate services at affordable costs.

Why Outsource Data Entry of Legal Documents With Connexial Techsys?

At Connexial Techsys, a team of highly knowledgeable data entry operators provide a wide range of data entry solutions related to legal documents. Our team of data entry operators is trained to provide swift data entry whilst maintaining accuracy greater than 97%. The operators are capable of working with different source formats like image, paper and electronic media and are well versed with most of the terminology used in the law business.

We provide data entry services in two different modes; Manual and Automatic. In the manual mode of data entry, a data entry operator would actually key in every bit of information from the paper document. In an Automatic mode of data entry, the data would be read from the paper documents using an OCR/ICR technique. The pricing for these methods would also depend on the volume of data entry and the complexity involved.

To avail our data entry services, you need to choose one of the three methods of source formats; data entry from a paper format, data entry from an electronic textual format or from an electronic image format. We would estimate the cost and timeframe based on the volume of data entry, complexity and the mode; and we guarantee that the costing and timeframes would be the cheapest and the fastest in the industry respectively.

You would also need to specify the platform of the data entry process; either a data management/collection tool or a simple textual authoring software. Upon completion of the data entry process, we would either send the textual format of data entry or let you evaluate the data entry on your data management/collection tool.

Some of the instances when you could avail our data entry services in terms of legal matters include

  • Divorce forms
  • Insurance claim records
  • Shipping documents
  • Property related documents
  • Court forms
  • Case Details data entry
  • Property documents into online databases
  • Legislation scans
  • Bare Act & Citations

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Delivery of these services is based on a set of predetermined quality parameters set by the client.

Over the past Three years at Connexial Techsys our commitment to quality is seen in every facet of our various processes. The focus is to identify and resolve cause of any problem allowing the customer to share in the increased accuracy and cost benefits