Out bound call center

In a biting cold economy like today’s you got to find out efficient ways to be braced against difficult times. Cost becomes the most important concern and quality is something you would not want to compromise on. This is when the relevance of call center outsourcing is at its peak. Deploy your outbound call center services to an offshore center and see your profits grow.

At Connexial Techsys, we serve our customers with top-notch outbound call center services and our proficiency has earned our global clientele. We follow a proven result oriented process with guaranteed value for money. And it’s not just about money – our outbound BPO services have functioned as extensions of our customer companies and produced remarkable results.

Call Center Software We Use

Connexial Techsys outbound call center services

Here is a gist of the outbound contact center services that we provide –

Our team of call center executives can build verified databases from trustworthy sources. We ensure that the databases they create are accurate and can help you in several ways. Some of the key services we offer include –

  1. Custom List Building

    Our call center representatives can create accurate lists which will include all the required details laid down by you. They include the specified fields and customize the list according to your business requirement within a quick turnaround time.

  2. Appending Emails

    Our database development and management experts can append emails to your existing client list or create a new list with the required client details. Be it emails of businesses or consumers; our team can help you append emails within a short time.

  3. Appending Data

    In some cases, the marketing database can have several entries but may have certain missing information such as phone number or email. Our team can provide you the missing details which will help in improving your marketing campaigns.

  4. Data Validation

    A marketing list has a shelf life too and the data may keep changing over the years. Our call center personnel will keep your database updated by validating the information and updating the old data. We have the required skills and expertise to provide you with both, manual and automatic validation services for your existing files.

  5. Data Cleansing

    If you are having trouble having consistent data in your existing database, we can help you standardize and clean it. Our data cleansing service will also assist in removing any type of spelling errors or typos.

  6. De-duplication of Entries

    Most of the marketing databases have a lot of duplicate entries which can hamper your marketing campaign. Our de-duplication services will remove all the duplicate entries and create efficient databases.

Disaster Recovery Services Offered by Connexial Techsys

Indian call centers provide different levels of site protection against site failure to suit specific business continuity requirements, through Cold, Warm and Hot recovery procedures.

Cold, Warm and Hot Recovery

Cold Disaster Recovery – There can be two functioning centers which have extra furniture and structured cabling. If a center in one of the cities closes down then operations can be shifted to the functioning call center in the other city. Computers can be set up and the WAN link redirected. This could take a few days.

Warm Disaster Recovery – Along with furniture and cabling there are also computers set up. In case of any emergency the necessary applications can be installed on the computers and the WAN link redirected. This could take up to 24 hours.

Hot Disaster Recovery – The costliest option, but also the most prepared choice. Here the center is online and ready for agents to move in, in case of an emergency.

Geographical plans are location-based and can be at the site, state or country level. For example if a company has a 100 seats managed by a call center, it can have a variety of disaster recovery plans.

  • Disaster Recovery Support at the Site level – Along with the existing 100 seats there can be 50 other seats in the same facility reserved for the company which cannot be used for any other purpose.
  • Disaster Recovery Support at the State Level – Additional reserved seats in the same city or state.
  • Disaster Recovery Support at the National Level – Additional reserved seats in a different state or city.
  • Call center disaster recovery can also be based on operations. This includes the maintenance of disaster recovery centers.

When a business cannot tolerate any downtime in the functioning of its operations, this is the best option. In the case of Hot DR, the system configuration, database and content changes at the Recovery Site are continuously synchronized to mirror the outsourcing company’s mission-critical production environments. The speed of recovery is instantaneous as the Recovery Site is in active mode at all times with a fully redundant configuration.

Best-of-breed Technologies and Experienced Personnel

Facilities include immediate access to –

  • State-of-the-art hosting facilities
  • Enterprise-class data center
  • Data backup/restore system
  • High-speed Internet connectivity
  • Information Security protection (Firewall, IDS)
  • Backup power
  • Computers, peripherals, network connectivity, communications equipment
  • Highly skilled operational, technical and administrative personnel
  • 99.99% reliability, seamless expansion

The infrastructure backbone is built on high-speed, redundant, reliable voice and data networks that work on best-of-breed technologies. International Private Leased Circuits (IPLCs) ensure voice integrity and quality. The entire technological infrastructure is backed-up, from servers, processors, leased lines, and storage systems to fully backed-up UPS and generator systems.

These facilities, along with the expertise of the call center agents, ensures that your business recovers as quickly and efficiently as possible. Their services are excellent and can even exceed recovery requirements.

If you would like to outsource call center disaster recovery and business continuity disaster recovery planning to India, please fill in the inquiry form. Our Client Engagement Team will contact you within 24 hours.

For reliable service that will ensure seamless interaction with your customers, please contact us for disaster recovery solutions and business continuity services. Start offshoring disaster recovery services today.

Our Customer Follow-up Services

When a company follow up with its customers and inquire about their buying experience, it shows that you really care about them. This has a long-lasting effect and the customer is more likely to collaborate or buy from/with you. When you decide on outsourcing customer follow-up services to us, we can handle each type of customer follow-ups, including –

  • Follow-up for Providing Information

    Our team of skilled call center experts can leverage several communication channels to follow up with customers and provide information related to your business. Our customer follow-up experts can connect with the customers via customized emails, phones, SMS, chats, etc. We have a standard communication style that comprises a time-tested language, structure, email tone, etc.

  • Follow-up for Rendering Testimonials

    We can help you gather customer insights on their challenges and interests by focusing on all the touchpoints and help you create an effective marketing or sales campaign. Our team can render business or process insights by dissecting the sales manuals, case studies, etc., and provide it in a simple manner. This will enable your customer to know your product/services in a better way, thus, influencing their buying decisions.

  • Ongoing Support

    You can rely on us day in and day out for any support services. We leverage modern tools to communicate with your customers and help them with any sorts of routine support. Our experienced team of customer follow-up experts can resolve any of your customers’ problem instantly.

  • Follow-up for Audit

    Under our offshore customer follow-up services, we can also collect information from your customers regarding their opinions/feedback on your product/service. It can be done via phone, SMS/text, emails, etc. This will help you make your business more streamlined or adopt necessary changes.

We have sufficient experience and expertise in creating and analyzing customer satisfaction surveys. Our customer satisfaction survey process includes:

  1. Survey setup

    Our initial efforts go into understanding your business process and goals and then structure the survey to meet those goals.

  2. Survey design

    Survey design involves taking elements from the survey plan and designing questionnaires and other feedback collection mechanisms to garner the maximum number of feedback from your customers.

  3. Information collection

    We can use any or all of these survey collection methods: Online customer satisfaction surveys, telephone surveys or email surveys. Based on the nature of your assignment we can choose what method to use for distributing the survey questions.

  4. Survey scanning and data entry

    With our expertise in Optical Character recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), we are able to quickly convert data captured in various formats. Since we also provide OCR and ICR services and through access to the right tools, the time taken to capture and convert data is reduced.

  5. Survey analysis and reporting

    Statistical tests such as ANOVA and Correlation analysis are conducted on the data and based on the nature of your project. In other instances we use data mining methods to extract information from a database. The results are then presented in graphical charts and as tabular data for you to better understand it.

Are you looking for ways to convert your existing email lists into a well-managed and clean list? Are you looking to harness the power of email to generate a higher ROI for your marketing efforts? Do you want to stay on top of your email list management to improve the productivity and sales of your business? If so, you are in the right place.

Connexial Techsys is a leading email list management service provider and can help you address a full range of email list management requirements. Our email list management tools let you concentrate on your email marketing without needing to pay much attention to the technical details and aspects, thereby allowing you to focus on your core areas. Our email list management services also ensure that all your emails go only to the places that they’re supposed to go and not anywhere else (for instance, to people that have unsubscribed from your list or flagged your email as spam).

Our Email List Management Services

Connexial Techsys is a leading email list management company and offers a wide range of email list management solutions. We work closely with you to determine your exact requirements and then come up with a custom solution that perfectly meets your requirements.

Our email list management services include –

  1. Email Address Validation Services

    Email Address Validation Services

    We provide comprehensive email verification and a multi-step validation check for every email on your list. With us, contact management is a breeze. If you want real-time email validation, we can provide that as well. With our email list management services, you will eliminate email addresses that don’t exist, and we will also ensure that you maintain a good sender reputation.

  2. List Segmentation Services

    List Segmentation Services

    With our list segmentation services, you can enhance open and click rates for your email marketing campaigns. We provide you with the powerful ability to segment your email lists so that you can send highly targeted emails. We can segment your emails based on demographics, company size, and many other factors.

  3. Email List Management Consulting Services

    Email List Management Consulting Services

    We can provide you with a dedicated account manager who will guide you through all the challenges associated with your email list management. We will use the latest and most advanced tools to detect potential issues before they negatively impact your email campaigns. Our engineers will also provide technical API support and IP and domain reputation management services.

Our Debt Collection Services

Our success rate has made us a leader in the debt collections industry and a premier provider of debt collection services in India. We ensure that our performance matches up to your requirements while allowing you to benefit from our exhaustive industry experience. Our end-to-end debt collection outsourcing services include –

  • Customer Tracking and Data Validation Services

    More often than not, businesses are faced with the challenge of tracking down customers or debtors whose contact information is either inaccurate or has changed. With the help of O2I’s debt management system, you can unlock the power of analytics-driven data and access an online profile of the debtor allowing you to track them down. The debtor’s profile usually includes critical debt collection information, such as multiple contact data points, credit-based scoring, etc. The final result is an effective, client-focused debt collection process which can help you find and contact missing and hard-to-reach debtors thereby increasing your recovery percentage while reducing costs.

  • Early and Late-stage Debt Collections

    While acting on the behalf of your business, we can contact debtors who have defaulted on payments or are about to do so based on their credit information – and offer them options for debt restructuring. We understand how important an effective collections strategy is to the running of your business, and focus our resources on your most pressing concerns accordingly. Our process focuses on debtors with the largest amount of debt, and once again leverages analytics to figure out how likely they are to pay off their debt.

  • Debt Dispute Management Services

    Unfortunately, inaccurate debt profiles are something which every business has to deal with. According to the US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), 65% of the complaints they receive are about the continued attempts made by debt collectors to collect a debt which has already been paid. Our data validation services ensure that such occurrences don’t occur. Additionally, all and our call center agents are trained by experts in dispute management to ensure the best possible result for your business.

  • Debt Collection Call Center Services

    Our call center agents have been trained exhaustively in debt collection procedures, and are able to retain their composure even in the face of adverse environments. Debt collection calls are one of the hardest to make, but throughout the entire process, our collection agents represent you in the best manner possible. We make our call logs available at the earliest, and our agents ensure that your brand value is never tarnished during the process.

  • Debt Portfolio Management

    With the help of available information, our debt collection services automate important decision-making tasks and can offer important recommendations to change cutoffs and implement new policies based on existing data. We also help you recognize high-risk accounts much beforehand by analyzing bankruptcy, deceased, and other relevant data to reduce legal risk and optimize your existing resources to target other debtors. Our debt collection services are ideal for –

    • Commercial accounts
    • Healthcare organizations & Dentists
    • Banks
    • Veterinarians
    • Chiropractors
    • Landlords
    • County clerks
    • Utility companies

Our Database Selling Services

With global competition in business growing by the day, it becomes absolutely necessary to target the right potential clients on time, so as to achieve your targeted business goals. We provide reliable and specific data cleaned from the most trustworthy sources and verified for accuracy and credence.

We enable our clients to track a marketing campaign in real-time, allowing critical analysis of each campaign and elimination of hitches or blocks. Avoiding redundancy and reaching out quickly to potential customers turn out to be the differentiating factor of our services, which further include –

  1. Email Appending Services

    Our experts enhance the value of your marketing database by appending both business and consumer emails. Emails still remain one of the fastest, and most cost-effective means of direct marketing, and with the help of our appending services, we can guarantee a match rate of more than 60% against our large database, thereby ensuring a better reach for our clients, while lowering the cost per contact.

  2. Custom List Building

    Our specialized custom list building services ensure steady access to a regularly updated prospect database for all your marketing needs, and as per your requirements. With access to contact details of senior business managers, and operational executives, our list building and list appending services provide you a prospect list filled with genuine, high-profile contacts as compared to most of our competitors.

  3. Data Appending Services

    In certain cases, you might have access to a prospect database with a large number of names, but incomplete data such as missing email IDs, telephone numbers, etc. Our data append services ensure you gain a better understanding of who your client is by not only gathering the contact details for the same, but also including separate details which could help your marketing to push targeted advertising to them.

  4. Data Validation Services

    A marketing list has a shelf like too, and cannot be relied upon for too long unless it is regularly updated. Frequent attrition, relocations, switchovers, etc. can result in a prospect list becoming irrelevant in a very short time. At Connexial, we perform both automated and manual validation for your files so as to ensure all the contacts are updated regularly, without fail.

  5. Email Database Management

    This set of services is targeted towards businesses who have a large amount of prospect marketing list data and need expert help with managing the same. Our end-to-end email database and list management services ensure complete accuracy, and hygiene of your marketing data. As part of our services, we provide data validation, data cleansing, data de-duplication, bounce processing, data upload, and accessibility, etc.

Along with the above-mentioned services, we also offer dedicated services for the following –

  • Appointment Setting Services
  • Database Creation and Management Services
  • Direct Mail Follow-up Services
  • Lead Generation Services
  • Market Intelligence Services
  • Telesales and Customer Acquisition

What are marketing intelligence services?

Market intelligence deals with the process of providing a particular company with a strategic view of the market with the help of primary and secondary sources of information. The company is given an understanding as to what exactly is happening in the market place and what is the potential of the market. The more real time market intelligence data you can gather, the better for your business. This way, you will be able to make informed business decisions.

Connexial Techsys’s offshore market intelligence research services

Connexial Techsys offers both business-to-consumer as well as business-to-business outbound services to its customers. The entire gamut of market intelligence services include lead generation via customer awareness, managing customer accounts and outbound customer services along with survey programs.

Connexial Techsys facilitates market intelligence research services for all its clients in an efficient manner.

  • We offer various ideas to nurture relationships with potential customers during the buying cycle and in turn convert those qualified leads into sales prospects
  • The market intelligence solutions offered by us include ad tracking, brand equity research, advertising research, customer satisfaction studies and sales forecasting empower marketers. Our market intelligence services will not only build but also maintain profitable customer relationships
  • The state-of-the-art technology used by Connexial Techsys helps marketers to prepare real-time campaigns
  • We also offers online marketing intelligence services like e-mail marketing, text-based advertising, newsletter marketing, viral marketing, pay per click and search engine optimization
  • Connexial Techsys also provides expert advice on complicated campaigns

Customer Retention Services


Effectively retain clients and enhance customer satisfaction by choosing our customer retention services provided at prices starting at $8/hour

Are you looking to build and maintain a pleasant relationship with your customers? Are you looking for help to analyze customer interactions to identify customers that may be wanting to leave your company? Are you looking for ways to track customer actions to better understand your customers’ interests and needs? Are you interested in adopting a proactive approach to enhance customer loyalty by providing the right service at the right time? Are you looking for high-quality customer retention services? If so, you have come to the right place.

Connexial Techsys is a leading provider of customer retention services in India and abroad and can help you with a wide range of customer retention solutions. We understand that poor customer service can result in customers switching loyalties to your competitors and thus provide high-quality customer service that is both personal and engaging. Our customer retention management strategies are designed to provide your customers with top-quality customer experiences so that they remain loyal.

Customer Retention Services We Offer

Connexial Techsys is a leading customer retention service provider and provides a wide range of customer retention solutions designed to increase customer retention. We use customer retention analytics to reduce the customer retention cost and boost customer satisfaction. We not only retain your current client base but also proactively turn prospective customers into loyal ones that keep coming back to you for more. We take service excellence extremely seriously and do all we can to take your reputation to the next level.

When you choose our customer retention services, you get access to –

  1. Professional and Courteous Representation

    Professional and Courteous Representation

    Our customer retention agents will present an extremely professional and courteous image of your firm to current and prospective customers by greeting them with a personalized greeting. We can work with customized call scripts and FAQs that you provide and can also help callers with basic issues or requests. We will confirm all messages for accuracy to boost your efficiency.

  2. Enhanced Customer Loyalty

    Enhanced Customer Loyalty

    We fully understand that great service experiences keep customers loyal to businesses, create a stream of positive reviews, and generally enhance customer satisfaction over the long term. To provide you with a more in-depth understanding of your client base, we can conduct both outbound and inbound customer satisfaction surveys. This helps you better serve your customers since you understand them better.

  3. Enhanced Productivity

    Enhanced Productivity

    We help you enhance your productivity by allowing you to focus on your core tasks while we manage your ringing telephones. We handle all calls and/or emails and other communication channels to provide your customers with great service experiences. This is what we excel at, so you can confidently focus your time and energies on other more fruitful endeavors.

  4. Reduced Costs

    Reduced Costs

    Working with us means you don’t have to bother with purchasing or installing any expensive equipment. Our call center agents work remotely and already have access to the required infrastructure to provide exceptional call center services. You also don’t need to recruit and train new staff members. We do this all for you and provide easy payment plans that are highly affordable.

In case you have a unique outbound contact center requirement, do share your requirement with us. We can customize our outbound call center solutions to specifically meet your business requirements. We believe in total transparency, and allow our customers to make informed business decisions. Calculate your call center staffing and budget before taking the plunge!